Robert Dolezal

An ASC motion picture cameraman, Dolezal's career began with work on major theatrical films and television shows, including "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians are Coming" and "Gunsmoke." Mr. Dolezal has, over his 37-year career, been film director: KIEM-TV (Eureka, CA) and KIMO-TV (Anchorage, AK); reporter and photographer: The Anchorage Daily News (Anchorage, AK); wire service bureau chief: United Press International (Seattle WA); staff photographer: National Geographic Magazine, Geographic Traveler, and National Geographic Books (Anchorage, AK); president and publisher: Interface California Corporation (Eureka, CA); vice-president, production: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Legal & Professional Publications (Los Angeles, CA); management consultant: Systems Development Corporation (Santa Monica, CA), ABC Publishing (Chatsworth, CA, New York, NY), TL Enterprises (Agoura CA); national sales manager: Western Publishing Company (Los Angeles, CA, Racine, WI); editorial director and publisher: Ortho Books (San Francisco, CA, San Ramon, CA), and president: Dolezal Publishing (Pleasanton, CA, Livermore, CA). His career experience includes positions in every functional and managerial role in book and magazine publishing, from sales and marketing to editorial, production, and executive management.